The Elements

The Elements is an outside coastal lab as part of the ArtScience curriculum run by Cocky Eek from sept 2015 till june 2016.

At this coastal lab, situated along the North Sea Nl, at the Zandmotor Kijkduin. We explored what it means to work in a dynamic inter-tidal environment, where the tides are dictating the time and where the seasons are under our skin. The lab has a phenomenological approach, stimulates you to play, wander, explore and focus on the elements in your own way.

Works from this lab has among been presented at Sandsongs by iii, ArtScience Interfaculty, TodaysArt and Satellietgroep / 18th June 2016 / 19 – 24 hrs location: Argusmast, Zandmotor, Into the Great wide Open 1-4 September 2016 Vlieland, and part of Satelietgroep at festival Designkwartier Den Haag , location Tempel archeological services, Den Haag 27-29 mei 2016.


  1. A component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis
  2. Chemistry. One of a class of substances that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means.
  3. A natural habitat, sphere of activity, environment, etc.: to be in one’s element;
  4. Elements.
  5. Atmospheric agencies or forces; weather
  6. The rudimentary principles of an art, science, etc.
  7. Any group of people singled out within a larger group by identifiable behavior patterns, common interests, etc.
  8. One of the substances, usually earth, water, air, and fire, formerly regarded as constituting the material universe.


Sandsongs / 18th June 2016 / 19 – 24 hrs
location: Argusmast, Zandmotor.

Sandsongs was specifically conceived for the Zandmotor by an international group of interdisciplinary artists and ArtScience students that have been invited to imagine this location in the terms of a musical instrument that is performed by human activity as much as by the natural elements. Sandsongs is presented by the iii in collaboration with the ArtScience Interfaculty, the Satellietgroep and TodaysArt.


photo credits: Pieter Kers |

ArtScience students who presented there works during Sandsongs:

Tourne Vent – Kay Churcher: A 30 piece installation of metal sculptures that are turned by the wind. In this field of kinetic works, each piece produces a haunting, abrasive sound as they are put into motion. The interaction between these pieces, each of different heights and dimensions, produces a conversation between the variety of sounds.

Close your eyes – and open your ears – Cécile  Gentili: We will explore the Zandmotor and work on our awareness of our sonic and sensorial environment. Each walk will involve a group of participants and guides. The guides will lead participants on a blindfolded walk. Then participants will take off the blindfolds and retrace the walk together, exchanging impressions on the experience.

Aurora – Sophie Rust: Aurora is an installation visualizing the motion of the wind.  75 bottles each containing a wind generator powering an LED lamp are spread out over a sand dune, like reverse candles that light up when blowing on them. As the wind rushes over the sand the lights come alive, making perceivable the variations in wind velocity at different points in space.

Goodbye elements lab

It has been a wonderful year with almost weekly Elements Labs. It has changed my view on the elements, opened my eyes again for the art of nature. I felt in love with the place and sometimes hated it when it was stronger than me and I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful view because the elements soaked or froze me. It was an impressive journey to an extreme place so close home. We traveled from summer to winter and back and missed autumn and spring. We were water bags and dancing body points. We scooped, watched, listened, danced and read. It was an expedition I would not have missed. Thank you Cocky and fellow students, Kenzo, Sattellietgroep and iiinitiative.


photo credits: Pieter Kers |

Sensing the Zandmotor with Kenzo Kusuda



Dancer/choreographer/improvisator Kenzo Kusuda visited the Elements lab on 4,11, and 18 april 2016

Kenzo Kusuda was our guest teacher at the Zandmotor, and it opened new spaces to sense this vast volatile environment through his practice.

…”Your body is one bag of water, you can move your body in which everything is floating, your bones are floating and all your organs are floating. Wiggle, wiggle.”…

…”Breathe into your brain and fill it with oxygen, and then you breath into your second brain, which is the space all  around you.”…

… “You can feel and acknowledge your entire finger bone that almost goes all the way till the end of your palm to your wrist / pulse area, then extending that line into your arm, elbow and further.. Extend and see in what position you will eventually end up, what do you observe from this particular / peculiar perspective that you get by chance. How the world looks like to you now? Look around and really see what you see in front of you right here right now and take one deep breath with all there is. ”…

…” Imagine that your transparent body moves from only 5 particles, for example, in the middle of your chest, two in the middle of your both your elbows and two at the upper end of your hamstrings. Moving could become really easy and surprisingly fun, often leading us into somewhere more vibrant, refreshing and at times ridiculously unexpected and sublime. We start to hear the whisper of nature more and more. And off course, our body is nature, as well.”…

…” Moving is really easy.”…

…”Standing in a circle, try to sense / listen to the blood flow (or heartbeat) of the person standing next to you and the one standing next to that person.  You having that intention is enough. Then, as if reversing the process of listening / receiving into ” sending something of you; whatever you may imagine ” it “, maybe some sort of line? or ball? or wave? of your attention (??) or something (? )to the one next to you or the one standing next to that person… And see what happens to the circle of grooooouuup WOWwwwWW! ( Right away the movement of the people’s circle got so turbulent and dynamic, circle of people got flipped over like the sudden movement of sea anemone – one organic unit of life, while the multiple waves circulated around within a second and took it over without physically forcing nor pushing anything.  Everyone burst laughing and having fun in the sun” And easy eay, wiggle wiggle.”…

…” While holding your hand/finger parallel to the sea, imagine that your finger is the container which is filled with 80% water and 20% sky, and if you tilt your hand the water level is tilting as well, until the water finds its equivalence / horizontality once again in the titled container.  Move your body while being aware of its tilting water-levels and its recovery of horizontality within the ever-changing position of the container / finger / hand / other body parts….And not to forget, look out and keep your inner water and inner sky relate and correspond to the water level you see out there in the sea, over the horizon and beyond the cloud sky line.”…

… “You wanna have a happy body.”…

Thank you so much Kenzo!

Myself, I  appreciate the phenomena of arriving and leaving myself as a happy body every week at the Zandmotor even more.