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Looking for blue treasures

I missed the first presentations but still got to the Zandmotor an other week. The week before I left my little blue sand-cake, and I was curious what was left of it. The weather was quite nice the whole week and while I was waiting for it to begin to blow the other week, it did not blow at all so I expected at least some blue sand to be found on the same spot. It was almost gone, but when I dug a little with a small scoop I found a small vague but blue spot.

I tried to make pictures of it, because it was so vague I doubted if it was real or just my imagination because I knew it had to be there. Because it is hard to see I boosted the colours a little bit by adding saturation in photoshop. The left part are the originals and the right part is edited.

blue spots.jpg

It feels a bit like a religion, when you believe its there you see it, otherwise I think nobody would have seen the blue spots in the original pictures.

Ten I walked to the lake, where I added blue colour to the water. I hoped the paintings of the tides where enriched with the colour blue. From far away I could see a lot of colour, blue, green, brown… Couldn’t wait to see it closer. Was it my work together with the lake that was shown there?
It felt like the past when you couldn’t see your pictures until they were developed. And then, when you finally opened the envelope to see your pictures, you saw that they all failed, they beautifully failed.

DSC05029DSC05033 DSC05036



observation notes from the Zandmotor

  • The Zandmotor is about change. And it seems we find is a very difficult quality to deal with. Everytime its so different, what to do.
  • ‘A single grain tells a story; very often an immensely long story of geological deep time’. Michael Welland
  • Cameron: ” I saw a seal and a tennis ball, I threw the ball in the sea, the seal went after it and brought it back to me”
  • F: “I felt lonely when everybody was gone …”
  • A: ” I felt lonely when every body was gone …”
  • “What are were going to do when it rains; is there electricity on the ZM; is there a storage; what if people will put back the sand in the hole we just digged…”

trip two


walk, discovery, bare foot, sensorial, sound of crushing shells,

exhilaration and anxiety of the sublime at the same time, where is my point of reference?

Had a stressful day. Body urged to just scream. but felt too shy. Just do it.

went for it. The first time was not good. too timid.

again, louder, more, let go. It came out stronger. For an instant felt a connection; a dilution of where the boundary of me ended and the outer space began, a reverberation of voice traveling into the horizon of the space, in front. Amazing!

still, wanted, a more intense connection to this place. Went for a swim, another fear conquered.

found strange woman’s face with fantastically real-looking eye lashes and tongue ripped out on the shore. eery. Thought of Tacita Dean.

some man’s disposable fantasy thrown overboard, now resurfacing with sea creatures building little shelters on the plastic surface of her degraded, faded face. Her element reclaimed, nature wins once again.

stepped on some largish healing rocks with perfect-for-scrubbing-your-dry-heels surfaces, felt good.

discovered that the large mast full of 24/7 surveillance is named after the mythological Greek giant with 100 eyes called Argus. Why this obsession to see and record everything?

And, how do I conquer the vastness of this space?