Monthly Archives: Nov 2015

To do…

–> Make a wind dress
out of metal… the wind speaks through me

–> Make a water dress (not yet there)

The rest of the time I’ve tried to figure out how to make this dress work. I feel I should take my time with this lab. So many things could begin.

-photography/video –> of actions/of change
almost ready-mades


Sand Dress

Site specific action n.1

“This too shall pass”

Sand Dress 


1st test.
ditch the stockings
make an actual pocket
in two? walk for a bit and then switch? like relaying
tug dress (2 people walking different directions?)
–> walk until it is too heavy for me to continue, stop, empty it, and start all over again.
…WHY? I don’t know…



“I feel scared, not at all in my element or comfort zone; I don’t like the cold and I am walking, walking, walking, but it’s far, and my bag is heavy… the sand makes this more difficult”
…what does it mean to feel alone? how does that feel? how do you become scared? how do you stop? and is it true when it does? Which state is more so? where are the rest? Silent connections, silent dependency to others…

To try

“I really do need to photograph this place… It’s never the same though”.

…attach some helium balloons to a camera, get a bird’s eye view shot; bring some analogue photographic equipment, go nuts with all the balanced asymmetry; birds, they are so elegant in the wind…


And then we began walking to the watchful tower. I stayed behind for a little while, unintentionally.

“It’s so empty here, quite barren”
…a series of ‘misplaced objects‘ that lead to nowhere…
…doors semi-open and stuck in by the sand; empty chairs; ladders; find a dying tree and cremate it in the middle of the lake; throw some pigment in it while you are at it; turn it red…



Wanted to learn more of the costal area’s ecosystem, its tides, the extent to which coral depletion morphed the environment.

Researched neither.

Instead, I got transfixed on the subtle changes in colors. The sea, the sand, the sky; they draw me in. I began to remember all the costal areas that had left an impression on me, virtually changing them as I walked along.

The colors felt absurdly rich in their bleakness. I began thinking of oppositions, of how we think of ‘nature’ as a getaway and not something to get away from. Our ability to manipulate, subvert, construct has turned awe into numbness. How much danger does nature entail us with today?

“Water never dies”…

The subdued tones of that first cloudy day looked great with the imaginary red-dressed person shuffling along the sand. Began thinking of video-performances and symbolic actions to be carried out at the Zandmotor.