old seabed?


following saturday:

strange day- absolutely noone around, even though it was a beautiful sunny cold day. i only came across voskamp on the way there.

the weather is starting to get better, not so many storms, so the hole was not so damaged. therefore, i could make some progress, i dug a lot, i went deeper than ever, right avobe my head. and there came a big surprise: i reached a different layer of sand. i thought it was going to be the same forever, just nothing and nothing. i was actually comfortable with that. but there you go, something new came up. harder sand, full of shells. my spade made a very beautiful noise every time it hit it.

i wonder, is it the old seabed?

and if so, is it possible that i just happened to choose that spot of the beach to dig, exactly where the seabed matches my height?




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