the layers are strong on one side. geological eras, shaped by the wind that accelerates time.

to keep on digging is to destroy them. one shove and they are gone. it’s a violent gesture of erasure. I can’t believe I have to brake them and only hope that next week there are going to be new ones.

the wind is so strong today that i can’t even breath. I can’t stay long, sand is coming inside my nose, mouth, eyes. I am probably destroying my camera as well.

if the wind goes on this hard, the hole will be completely covered again. I thought this was over!

i left my tripod in sight. mistake: a couple came to ask me what I was doing and I could sense their question was conditioned by that detail. “ah, and you take pictures after?” as if that would justify anything, give a reasonScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 19.27.19.



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