This Friday in a party, a person that I haven’t seen in months asked me: how is your hole doing? -so funny that people remember! Is doing, is doing, I answer.

Today I biked around 3okm. Plus the digging. I have grown during this time. My legs are bigger and harder. My arms are definitely stronger. I can bare the cold easily. I’ve changed. I couldn’t have done this before.

I bike at ease knowing that my hole is there. It’s been raining but it hasn’t been that windy, so it’s there. I’ve developed this sense for wind: from my house, I can tell how the hole is going.

Today the hole is as big as in the good days. I destroyed the layers but the shapes made by my spade where quite beautiful as well.

Laying there, resting, it was like being in my nest. I can’t see people approaching me in this position, I only see the walls of the hole. It would be a rather strange sight to see someone laying exhausted inside a hole, wouldn’t it?

I learned that it could not have been the old seabed, because that is 15 meters down. And what I found the other day and thought it was a chocolate, is in fact very old clay from Germany.

Calm, grey day. Some people around, but very few.

A woman of around my age with her dog comes to ask me what I am doing. First time!! Maybe she alone destroyed my theory? I hope so. Yes, she did. I’m so glad she came.

Francois came to say hi, he was working in some field recordings. He told me that if I dig 3 meters deep I’ll hit water. The deepest I’ve got was 2 meters. He also tells me that “one of my fans” says hi. I ask who?! The man with the dogs. Of course, Voskamp! He is the one and only.

On my way back, I feel I could keep on biking. But I am hungry and it’s late. It’s been a long day.


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