Sandsongs / 18th June 2016 / 19 – 24 hrs
location: Argusmast, Zandmotor.

Sand Songs was specifically conceived for the Zandmotor by an international group of interdisciplinary artists and students that have been invited to imagine this location in the terms of a musical instrument that is performed by human activity as much as by the natural elements. Sandsongs is presented by the iii in collaboration with the ArtScience Interfaculty, the Satellietgroep and TodaysArt.

Kay Churcher, Cecile Gentili and Sophie Rust proudly presented the outcome of their research of the elementslab during the Sandsongs festival among the other participating artists: Marije Baalman, Lars Kynde, Tobias Lukassen, Christian Liljedahl, Ana Lemnaru, Grzegorz Marcinak, Maya Verlaak, Adam Basanta, David Pocknee, Tena Lazarevic, and Jesse Smits.

It was a challenging event, concerning several showers falling down and the pretty severe wind during the building up in the day,  but the spirit was high, and we all melted down seeing soooo many happy faces walking around in the evening.

Tourne Vent – Kay Churcher: A 30 piece installation of metal sculptures that are turned by the wind. In this field of kinetic works, each piece produces a haunting, abrasive sound as they are put into motion. The interaction between these pieces, each of different heights and dimensions, produces a conversation between the variety of sounds.

Close your eyes – and open your ears – Cécile  Gentili: We will explore the Zandmotor and work on our awareness of our sonic and sensorial environment. Each walk will involve a group of participants and guides. The guides will lead participants on a blindfolded walk. Then participants will take off the blindfolds and retrace the walk together, exchanging impressions on the experience.

Aurora – Sophie Rust: Aurora is an installation visualizing the motion of the wind.  75 bottles each containing a wind generator powering an LED lamp are spread out over a sand dune, like reverse candles that light up when blowing on them. As the wind rushes over the sand the lights come alive, making perceivable the variations in wind velocity at different points in space.

All photo credits: Pieter Kers | Beeld.nuW329_911336-Cécile-Gentili-performanceW329_911337-Cécile-Gentili-performanceW329_911339-Cécile-Gentili-performanceW329_911341-Cécile-Gentili-performanceW329_911498-Tourne-Vent–-Kay-Churcher-19-2048-dscf0131-1024x683W329_911569-Tourne-Vent–-Kay-Churcher-W329_911527-Aurora-–-Sophie-RustW329_911545-Aurora-–-Sophie-RustW329_911896-Aurora-–-Sophie-RustW329_911902-Aurora-–-Sophie-Rust


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