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Walking Blindfolded

The sea as a reference.

When you ask a person to walk blindfolded from one point to an other, that person probably will never get to the destination. It’s scientifically proved that we tend to wonder in circles.  When humans are lost in a forest or a desert we can not travel straight, put a blindfold on someone, ask that person to walk on a straight line, that person will show the same tendency.

In this experience I proposed, I asked the people to steer themselves towards the sea. The beach on this spot is a wild free space without any obstacles, which allows the walker to ambulate as freely as they want.

By listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the direction of the wind, they had much more informations to reach their goal, which made the journey possible.

We had two groups of people during the walk experience.

One group was composed by eight blindfolded people and one another by eight speakers.

Each person had some instruction to follow.

First the blindfolded people were asked to lie on their back in the middle of the seashore with a sleeping mask on their eyes.

After 5 min, a speaker came to ask them to stand up.

The speaker was not allow to touch the blindfolded person neither guide him. He had for instruction to describe what he was seeing. Share his view of the colors, the sensations of the wind, the waves, the sand, the brightness of the sun, little details he would notice,…

Everybody reached the water, the speakers following the blindfolded people.

During the debriefing after the blindfolded walk, everybody talked about the different experiences they had.

Before to propose this experience, I had myself a blindfolded walk from the bus stop till the sea. I had a sleeping mask on my eyes but somebody was guiding me. I was describing my sensations and feelings during the walk.