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This Friday in a party, a person that I haven’t seen in months asked me: how is your hole doing? -so funny that people remember! Is doing, is doing, I answer.

Today I biked around 3okm. Plus the digging. I have grown during this time. My legs are bigger and harder. My arms are definitely stronger. I can bare the cold easily. I’ve changed. I couldn’t have done this before.

I bike at ease knowing that my hole is there. It’s been raining but it hasn’t been that windy, so it’s there. I’ve developed this sense for wind: from my house, I can tell how the hole is going.

Today the hole is as big as in the good days. I destroyed the layers but the shapes made by my spade where quite beautiful as well.

Laying there, resting, it was like being in my nest. I can’t see people approaching me in this position, I only see the walls of the hole. It would be a rather strange sight to see someone laying exhausted inside a hole, wouldn’t it?

I learned that it could not have been the old seabed, because that is 15 meters down. And what I found the other day and thought it was a chocolate, is in fact very old clay from Germany.

Calm, grey day. Some people around, but very few.

A woman of around my age with her dog comes to ask me what I am doing. First time!! Maybe she alone destroyed my theory? I hope so. Yes, she did. I’m so glad she came.

Francois came to say hi, he was working in some field recordings. He told me that if I dig 3 meters deep I’ll hit water. The deepest I’ve got was 2 meters. He also tells me that “one of my fans” says hi. I ask who?! The man with the dogs. Of course, Voskamp! He is the one and only.

On my way back, I feel I could keep on biking. But I am hungry and it’s late. It’s been a long day.


high as a kite

After three days of a wind storm, I found the hole completely covered.

I know they are the rules of the game, but it’s been a while since I had to face them. Must admit some annoyance.

Quite some heavy work today. But the days are longer and I am strong. Plus, I got some help today from Jorrit Django Daniel van Rijn.

We brought a kite to attach a camera. Didn’t think it would work, but it did!

The sound made by the lines is quite amazing.


kite shot 2016-03-31 at 23.20.43.png


the layers are strong on one side. geological eras, shaped by the wind that accelerates time.

to keep on digging is to destroy them. one shove and they are gone. it’s a violent gesture of erasure. I can’t believe I have to brake them and only hope that next week there are going to be new ones.

the wind is so strong today that i can’t even breath. I can’t stay long, sand is coming inside my nose, mouth, eyes. I am probably destroying my camera as well.

if the wind goes on this hard, the hole will be completely covered again. I thought this was over!

i left my tripod in sight. mistake: a couple came to ask me what I was doing and I could sense their question was conditioned by that detail. “ah, and you take pictures after?” as if that would justify anything, give a reasonScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 19.27.19.


the hole with me / without me

This is a picture taken from the observation tower. I am there. Next to me is my bagpack, where I carry extra clothes and tea.

In the other picture, taken an hour later, I am not there. There is only the hole. The tide might have risen, or maybe it’s just a wave.

This artificial beach consists of 21.5 billion cubic meters of sand brought from the bottom of the sea, 10 kilometers offshore.

Argus was the one hundred eyes god, who could see everything at any time.

He was killed by Hermes, the messenger god, the agile means of meaning.

A hole is a matter of definition.



Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.42.23.png

an appearance: voskamp came out of the nothing, from the sea side, led by his two dogs. he scared me. he told me he still doesn’t understand what I am doing. I said don’t worry.

i was hurried, had to check the phone for the time. this is NOT the way.


friday 11 march

i understand the need to date events. I don’t want to, but it seems that i must.


i read: shelter or monumentality?



i dreamt i opened the window and a warm breeze would come in. i woke up and i opened the window. no, still cold. but the days are becoming longer and brighter, there are flowers everywhere, it’s less cold. i slept so well last night, i’m ready.

back to biking. the ritual is complete again. spring is coming.


a woman came to ask me if i was digging my grave. i laughed. reminded me of this:navokov (navokov)

old seabed?


following saturday:

strange day- absolutely noone around, even though it was a beautiful sunny cold day. i only came across voskamp on the way there.

the weather is starting to get better, not so many storms, so the hole was not so damaged. therefore, i could make some progress, i dug a lot, i went deeper than ever, right avobe my head. and there came a big surprise: i reached a different layer of sand. i thought it was going to be the same forever, just nothing and nothing. i was actually comfortable with that. but there you go, something new came up. harder sand, full of shells. my spade made a very beautiful noise every time it hit it.

i wonder, is it the old seabed?

and if so, is it possible that i just happened to choose that spot of the beach to dig, exactly where the seabed matches my height?