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someone misses me

The weather is getting hard to deal with. It is dark and a rain that will last at least 5 days is coming. I have to go earlier than usual to avoid it.

But the good news is that it wasn’t that windy lately so the hole is there, half covered, but I can see what a big thing it is, specially after last week’s hard work. I didn’t even notice back then, but I really did dig a lot last time. I wonder how many kilos of sand I have lifted so far.

Today I’m extremely tired. I have to say the enthusiasm is not with me. I know why I do this, but I’m not feeling it. I don’t dig too much. Just enough to feel I did my job.

A group of 5 women come to talk to me. Asking the usual: what? why? therapy? exercise? No, just digging a hole. I say this, but I don’t feel like answering.  I feel bad because I am reinforcing this “women being bitches to each other”. No smiles from them or me. I am really not in the mood. Sorry world, it’s not my brightest day. One wishes me luck in the end and to that I smile back.

When I walk back, feeling I can barely drag myself out of there, I come across Voskamp. I see him walking towards me with his dogs: they have black round eyes, they seem unreal, like dead angels and beautiful. He says: I missed you! while he takes out his glove to shake my hand (We didn’t meet the last 2 or 3 weeks). Ok, I melted. I literally felt some strength come back to my body. I could walk the last meters better. I like to think that even if we don’t meet, he sees the hole, he knows that I have been there and working. He tells me the weather can only start getting better from now on.



alone not lonely

It’s becoming clear that winter is a season for solitude.

Friday, cold, very cold. Absolute solitude in the Zandmotor. Nobody. Nothing.

I worked harder than usual, until I was almost out of my body, lungs growing bigger than my ribcage. Physical and mental expansion towards the infinite space around me.


This Sunday my boyfriend came along. Nobody came to talk to us. (I have my ideas about why is that).

It was a very windy day, maybe top 3 of the windy days so far. On the way back, after digging together for some two hours taking turns, he made a remark: it was a rather uneventful day, wasn’t it? Then he asked a question that I couldn’t answer but with laughter: would it be harder to make a hole or a hill here?

I know it’s hard work… but it’s not only about that.

Last night I read a something that hit me:


It is a statement by Richard Long. It’s nice to find reference points.

Constituting a territory

Constituting a territory is nearly the birth of art: in making a territory, it is not merely a matter of defecatory and urinary markings, but also a series of postures (standing/sitting for an animal), a series of colors (that an animal takes on), a song [un chant]. These are the three determinants of art: colors, lines, song –, says Deleuze, art in its pure state.

wait and see

Dark, windy day. A 3 days wind storm is finishing right now.

On my way to the hole I come across voskamp who is already going back home.
“Alles is weg!”

He shouts still at a distance.

I start over. No one around, it’s a really chilly day.

Only one person comes after a long while, a man that asks me why I dig this hole. For some reason the “this” makes me stop and carefully consider my answer. but he quickly adds: you don’t need to answer. He then asks me, as an accomplice, if it’s an art project for stroom. I answer yes and no. He leaves rapidly. He looked very cool and handsome. I think he is an artist.

The weather clears up but it’s still very cold. As I have good clothes I decide to stay and stare at the huge space in front of me for a while. A beautiful light shines on my hole for a moment.IMG_0388

another digger, among other things

The hole is almost undamaged and quite impressively big. Again it’s sunny and 13 degrees in the middle of the winter.
I dig a lot.
Voskamp comes. We shake hands. He ties his dogs next to the hole. We talk for a while. I keep on digging. I offer him to dig again. He does so. Then he says he should go, as his wife could be worried. I wish him a pleasant afternoon with his wife. He shakes his head. No… He says. The problem is that I am very sick. Again a lot of Dutch mixed with English but in the end I understand that he has cancer and that he was told he would die in 2 years, maybe more if he is lucky. I tell him that another of the secrets of this project is that I don’t use numbers. I suggest that maybe he doesn’t need to count either. He laughs. We say good bye, see you next time.
A man comes and asks what I am doing.
I am digging a hole.
He laughs.
But why?
Well I am just digging a hole.
But is there an idea or something?

Of course there is an idea, there are many ideas, but I’d rather not say.

Laughs and leaves.
Then he comes back.
You know I was there with my curiosity still..
That’s good!
Yes.. Couldn’t help wandering what a beautiful woman like you is doing here in this hole.
Well, what does one thing have to do with the other? I told you I’m digging. Do you want to dig?
He digs. While he does so he tells me that he is a member of a 65 people family and that since he was a kid they would make hole digging competitions at the beach, and that they still do. He tells me some anecdotes.
While he is digging, another man comes. He doesn’t speak English. I keep on digging and the two men talk standing on the side, for a long while.
A third man comes along. This one is carrying a red shovel. I am amused.
Are you a digger as well?
Yes, I’m looking for all kinds of shit

(Didn’t dare ask him to dig my hole).

first digging day of the new year

Another bright day.

Google maps sent me through a path that doesn’t exist, so I had to walk for almost an hour from the bus stop. By the time I reach the tower I am of course tired and sweated. I have new equipment with me: a tripod, an analog camera, all very heavy.

I walk and walk and I can’t find any traces of the hole. There has been an interruption of almost a month during Christmas brake.
I am about to head back home without digging. Major disappointment.
At some point I decide to dig somewhere that could maybe be the place. I feel I’m cheating.
When I’m about to take the first shove, a man with two dogs approaches me very determined. I recognize the dogs. I tell him: I know you! He says: yes! Hello! What are you doing? It’s not there!
He explains he always walks his dogs in the same path so he would know where the hole was. And he tells me he expected to see me the past weeks, where was I?
He writes his name in the sand: voskamp. I will remember that.

He shows me where I should dig and there we go. After a while, I offer the shovel to him. He says: I would know how to do this, my hole life I have been a gardener. And the. Tells me about all the different vegetables he used to grow but I mostly don’t understand because Dutch-glish is still not a strength of mine.

When he finishes digging it is pretty deep and it’s difficult for him to get out. I tell him my secret technique: he must dig a step in the wall of the hole.
We shake hands.
I keep digging for a long while, energized by his help and the sun. When I decide it’s enough for today, I rest lying on my back with my eyes closed for a while. A family wakes me up (the father talks to me, he asks the routine questions), just in time for me to see that a big black storm is coming from the sea. I better get out of there.voskamp