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Goodbye elements lab

It has been a wonderful year with almost weekly Elements Labs. It has changed my view on the elements, opened my eyes again for the art of nature. I felt in love with the place and sometimes hated it when it was stronger than me and I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful view because the elements soaked or froze me. It was an impressive journey to an extreme place so close home. We traveled from summer to winter and back and missed autumn and spring. We were water bags and dancing body points. We scooped, watched, listened, danced and read. It was an expedition I would not have missed. Thank you Cocky and fellow students, Kenzo, Sattellietgroep and iiinitiative.


Wind & Night lab

Last two labs had perfect conditions to test my light installation idea. I want to visualise the wind by lighting up bottles through wind energy.

During the storm, there was almost too much wind. The prototype worked, but the wind also broke it a bit.

Last Monday we arrived at 17.45 and watched the sun go down while trying to build the new shelter Cocky made.

I could test the bottle by night, what was very special, and worked quite good. I tried to film it with my iPhone but that was not a succes, luckily Boris had his big camera with him and would make a better recording for me.

Wind light bottle test from sophie rust on Vimeo.

After those tests we talked, sitting in the shelter, it was really cosy and it felt super special and adventurous. Like an event that only could take place in a movie.

Digging for inspiration

It seems like my blue cube did not wanted to be created. The process went too slow and with too much problems. For now I want to do something else. I’m not sure what. I red Cocky’s email, she wrote … “if you want any inspiration, you can always help digging the hole!” … What a great idea. Digging for inspiration. That was what I did. I found this whole hole so fascinating. Maybe I can make a documentary about it.


A little lost in the elements

I tried to make the cube from blue sand but it failed for a couple of reasons:

  • It was hard to mixture this amount of sand with food colouring.
  •  I found a container in the shape of a cube but when I filled it it was to heavy to move.
  • Because of that I had to dig the sand close to the place of the container what kind of ruined the aesthetic picture I had in mind.
  • When I turned the container with sand upside down to create the cube, the sand felt out the cube before the container hit the ground.

Then I  deleted the bottom of the container and filled the frame with sand, but when I raised the container very carefully, the cube collapsed.

Looking for blue treasures

I missed the first presentations but still got to the Zandmotor an other week. The week before I left my little blue sand-cake, and I was curious what was left of it. The weather was quite nice the whole week and while I was waiting for it to begin to blow the other week, it did not blow at all so I expected at least some blue sand to be found on the same spot. It was almost gone, but when I dug a little with a small scoop I found a small vague but blue spot.

I tried to make pictures of it, because it was so vague I doubted if it was real or just my imagination because I knew it had to be there. Because it is hard to see I boosted the colours a little bit by adding saturation in photoshop. The left part are the originals and the right part is edited.

blue spots.jpg

It feels a bit like a religion, when you believe its there you see it, otherwise I think nobody would have seen the blue spots in the original pictures.

Ten I walked to the lake, where I added blue colour to the water. I hoped the paintings of the tides where enriched with the colour blue. From far away I could see a lot of colour, blue, green, brown… Couldn’t wait to see it closer. Was it my work together with the lake that was shown there?
It felt like the past when you couldn’t see your pictures until they were developed. And then, when you finally opened the envelope to see your pictures, you saw that they all failed, they beautifully failed.

DSC05029DSC05033 DSC05036


Lab 3: Experimenting


I painted some sand with blue food colouring to keep track of its movements.

Sand needs to be wet to colour it, and when it is wet, it doesn’t move anymore.
Its hard to get a good shape.
Its easy to paint and I like the blue colour.
I could mix it and get different shades.

IMG_9374 IMG_9375 IMG_9378 IMG_9380 IMG_9384 IMG_9392 IMG_9398 IMG_9399 IMG_9400 IMG_9401

After I did my experiments of colouring the sand I walked and found some nice drawings of nature:

IMG_9419 IMG_9420 IMG_9428 IMG_9429

Then I tried to influence those drawings and experimented with colouring the water:


final visual notes:

IMG_9432 IMG_9436 IMG_9431
IMG_9434 IMG_9433 IMG_9435
IMG_9437 IMG_9438 IMG_9447