De Zandmotor

The Zandmotor is an artificial peninsula with a surface of around 1 km2 located on the coast of South Holland between the towns of Kijkduin and Monster. Based on the concept of “building with nature”, the Zandmotor was created in 2011 as a defense against coastal erosion. This experimental solution uses the natural movement of the tides, wind , waves and currents to replenish the beaches of south holland. Almost as an ephemeral land art intervention, the Zandmotor is expected to disappear within 20 years.
As a space for cultural activities the location, a wide open and empty stretch of sand positioned just next to one of the most densely populated areas of Europe, offers itself as a blank slate in which experimental artworks that engage with open space and the natural elements can be developed and presented to the public that visits the area for recreation during the warm season.

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